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"You can not change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight."  Jim John

Journey to...FitTastic Land!

 Dec 28, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018

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Each week, we'll build on the previous week lesson and assignments with the mindset of taking a journey to our goal.  For a little fun and adventure, we’ll use some of the same principles required to travel to your dream destination.  This time, your dream destination will be FitTastic Land!  Yes, FitTastic Land!  So, tell you’re friends and family you must prepare for your trip to FitTastic Land.  You don’t have time to waste. You gotta stay focused and be ready!  Everyday and everything matters!  So, get ready! Let’s do it!  We’re about to go on a life changing adventure to FitTastic Land!  The place where you celebrate your health and feel FitTastic!

Week 1: Preparation       Dec 28- Jan 7, 2018

  • Overview…The Big Picture…I’m so Excited! (Vision, Goals, Skills, Disciplines, Foods, & Exercises)
  • Quick Start Nutrition Guide
  • Food Portions
  • Smart Foods
  • Menu Planning
  • Exercise Plan & Nutrition
  • Recap (Lessons Learned & Feedback) 

Week 2: Departure…. Time to ROAR! 

Jan 8-14, 2018

  • Pn Lesson 1-7 
  • FB Group Assignments 1-7
  • FB Group….Lessons learned & feedback

Week 3: En Route…Ain’t No Stopping Us Now! 

Jan 15-21, 2018

  • Pn Lesson 8-14 
  • FB Group Assignments 8-14
  • Recap…Lessons learned & feedback

Week 4: En Route…I’m going All the Way! 

Jan 22-28, 2018

  • Pn Lesson 9-21 
  • FB Group Assignments 9-21
  • Recap…Lessons learned & feedback

Week 5: Prepare for landing…Brand New Me!

Jan 29-31, 2018

  • Pn Lesson 22-24
  • FB Group Assignments 22-24
  • Recap…Lessons learned & feedback
  • Next Steps

For the journey, we'll use these resources:

  • The Bible for scripture references & meditations
  • Coaching lessons and workshops from Precision Nutrition (Pn).  I’ll send you the activation link.
  • Exercises from FitTastic Health online site or app.  I’ll create your accounts, but you’ll need to activate it.  
  • Fitbit activity tracking (if you have one)
  • Facebook Group (FB Group)

For this journey, you'll also get the following:

  • Movement Guides
  • Meal Guides
  • Workout Plans
  • Tips on Exercise equipment
  • Words for the Day
  • Meditations
  • Bible Verses
  • Support
  • Accountability (I'll be checking on ya!)

Note:  Once I receive payment, I'll begin setting up your accounts and getting you ready.  Please be sure your email is included on the payment page or message me your email.  On Jan 2, I'll post the first video to our secret Facebook Group....it's just to get things started.  The actual program lessons will officially begin on Monday, 8th January.  Your setup is very important. So, get ready for  "departure"! Let's do it!  

Register NOW!  Limited Slots!
Last Day to Pay: Jan 5, 2018!