"You never really know the true value of a MOMENT  till it becomes a MEMORY"       

-author unknown



Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Health Coach

​​AGE: 42
EMAIL: qcd@quianacanfordumas.com


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A few class pictures....We had some FitTastic times filled with many LAUGHS, much ENERGY, abundant LOVE, and tons of FUN!  Big THANK YOU for your continuous support!  Together, we're STRONG and MIGHTY!  Together, we SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE each other!  Together, we OVERCOME challenges and RISE higher!  Together, we positively IMPACT our communities! Together, we MOVE the world!  Let's keep it going!  The journey continues!  Hope you'll join me this year with online fitness and nutrition coaching! -Quiana Canfor-Dumas

A few snapshots of my fitness training sessions and certifications!  I love attending these events to not only learn, but to see and meet the other fitness professionals that I admire.  They're so inspirational!  Getting a picture with them is always a keepsake souvenir! lol