Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Health Coach

​​AGE: 42
EMAIL: qcd@quianacanfordumas.com


Check out the links below for some good healthy products and/or services. Any purchases you make through these links helps to fund the health & fitness programs I do around the world. Thanks so much!

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"I am really enjoying working out with Quiana! The fact that the workouts  are on-line , means that I can do them whenever it fits in my schedule.  Plus, each work-out is divided into  5-10minutes sections so that I can feel accomplished at the end of each session!  Just love that she makes it personal, too. I  feel as if she’s talking to me and laughing with me!  Besides that, each session, no matter the length, works the ENTIRE body.  Not sure how she fits it all in, but man, does my body feel it when I’m done.  If you haven’t tried doing a set of these work-outs then start today!  It’s never too late to get moving to start feeling FIT-TASTIC!"  Online Client, August 2017