For many years, I had a very sedentary lifestyle that started in college and continued in my early career.  As a result, my weight began to climb beyond numbers I never seen or imagined for me. In July 2010, I went to a Zumba class and LOVED it!  The Zumba class was fitness fun!  It was exercise in disguise!  Without a doubt, I wanted to be a Zumba instructor.  I prayed for the strength and confidence.  Within the first year, I lost 70lbs (~32Kgs) by changing my eating habits, doing some strength training, and learning lots of Zumba moves!  

After gaining the confidence to teach fitness classes,  I began to expanded my fitness credentials to include Group Fitness and Personal Training Certifications.  With a strong desire to really help others transform their lives, I expanded my knowledge further by obtaining Nutrition, Health Coaching, and Weight Management certifications too.  In March 2017,  I launched several online an mobile apps to provide various tools for people to be consistent with their fitness and nutrition goals anytime  at  any place.


Being a fitness instructor has been the MOST rewarding and fulfilling job I ever did!   As well as the longest job I've ever had! (LOL) Seeing people push themselves to better themselves is priceless!  Knowing that someone never attended an exercise class in the past, but they're anxious to attend my classes inspires me to keep working!  Almost every day, I meet people from various nationalities and backgrounds. Within moments, we cross cultural barriers and connect as family.  LOVE IT!  LOVE THEM!  LOVE THE EXPERIENCE!!!   

Not only do I work hard to help others in the gym, but I also work hard to improve the world!   I sincerely enjoying organizing events that get us MOVING for CAUSES greater than ourselves (Orphanages, Health Events, & more)!  I'm so grateful for the opportunity God has given me.  Not only do I get to help individuals improve their health, but I also have a platform to impact the world.  All praises to HIM! ​​

My Fitness Journey!


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​​AGE: 42